The AUDIO LOGO DATABASE is an online tool to research and investigate the acoustic marketplace especially for audio logos. It contains audio logos from all branches including the registered sound marks of the trademark offices. This database also contains comprehensive data and categories to make searching much easier.

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  • Benefits of this database are twofold. Browsing this database gives the experts and clients a keen sense of the market. On the other hand it offers experts opportunities for inspiration and evolving ideas, sounds or melodies, from those that might already be out there.

  • Take a close look at this researching tool and get comprehensive material in preparation for customer appointments or customer workshops and presentations.

  • The AUDIO LOGO DATABASE is precise and focused on key aspects. Different filter functions take the liberty of checking systematically for brand names, branches or brand voices or for desired musical-acoustic properties. You get your results instantly.

The AUDIO LOGO DATABASE gives you the ability to explore and...

...browse the acoustic marketplace.

A pool of a growing number of audio logos offers you comprehensive material and data of audio logos from all branches including the registered sound marks of the trademark offices. Certainly, it’s useful for preparing customer appointments and presentations. So, this database helps you avoiding to evolve ideas that are already out there and improve your final product. your time checking for special properties.

Check for special properties systematically! With different filter functions for brand information and musical-acoustic parameters you get results instantly – analyzed, readied and sorted according to key criteria – without an extensive search of your own folders or the Internet.

...find out details and uncover patterns and trends.

Search across the whole database to uncover patterns and trends in the data and get comprehensive information in text and graphic form. Profit through access to statistic reports and graphical charts (this service is kept up to date and may be extended regularly)